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SpamBlockerTM Powered exim.conf file for DirectAdmin
Version 4.2.3

Our SpamBlocker Powered exim.conf file for DirectAdmin has been delivered with the DirectAdmin Web Control Panel since at least 2006.

Now the latest version is available directly from NoBaloney Internet Services. Lots of user feedback and help has gone into creating this new version, and it's up-to-date features will keep the most spam possible at bay. You can use it along with SpamAssassin, with ClamAV, or both. Or you can use it alone to take advantage of the most recent blocklists.


  • Much better documentation; almost every line is documented
  • Optional defined smtp connect-time ACL for more control
  • Better detection of incorrect hostnames at helo time
  • Rejection of mailer-daemon replies if server didn't send email
  • Choice of blocking order: choose either block for all domains except those on exclusion list, or block for no domains except those on inclusion list
  • Local and DNS-based whitelists
  • Local and DNS-based blocklists
  • A newly-updated selection of DNS-based blocklists, including some which may not be free to use depending on your usage patterns
  • A single list of DNS-based blocklists makes it easier to see what you're using, and to make changes as required/desired
  • Optional blocking of local relay submission on localhost
  • Blocking of .html attachments by default to block recent attacks
  • Optional integration with SpamAssassin
  • Optional integration with ClamAV
  • A recent version of Exim, compiled for DirectAdmin
  • Dovecot / Maildir
New: Installation is available

Be sure to read our ReadMe file here. Then when you're ready you can download the file here, and install it on your server.

Or, if you'd like us to install it for you, we'll be happy to do that at a nominal charge. We charge $25 per server, with a minimum of $50 (all prices in US Dollars) per installation session, for installation on one or two servers.

If we're going to do the installation for you we'll take our cue from what you've got installed now:

If you've got SpamAssassin installed now, we'll install your new SpamBlocker Powered exim.conf file to use SpamAssassin.

If you've got ClamAV installed now, we'll install your new SpamBlocker Powered exim.conf file to use ClamAV.

If you've installed your own page to handle any false positives, and refer to that page in your current exim.conf file, we'll install your new SpamBlocker Powered exim.conf file to use that same page.

One important note is that this new SpamBlocker Powered exim.conf file only works with Dovecot and Maildir. If you're still using mbox email files you'll need to convert to Dovecot first. Or if you're having us do the installation for you, we'll be happy to make the Dovecot conversion as well, for a fee of $50 in addition to the charge for installing the SpamBlocker Powered exim.conf file.

Remember, the file itself is completely free; we charge only for installation.

Questions? You can post them, and get answers, at the DirectAdmin forums, click here to visit the SpamBlocker forum on the DirectAdmin website.

Ready to go?

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