Mar 7th What's in a name? Pick up your new domain name today!

We have increased our capabilities in offering domain names well into the hundreds, the options are practically endless and now is a great time to get that new domain name you have been thinking about! Finding the right domain name is an important step for building a website people will want to come back to again and again. Luckily, NoBaloney’s ... Read More »

Feb 11th Service interruption this morning

We did experience a service interruption this morning due to an issue our upstream provider had with one of their circuits that ended up taking some time to diagnose and resolve. The issue involved was something that very rarely happens and was in fact quite unexpected, it did involve having to restart some routers to fix the problem and is ... Read More »

Jan 28th Special Facebook Offer

For a limited time you will have the opportunity to get a 25% discount on hosting services with us.

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New customers only

Jan 15th No rest for the weary

Hello out there, As usual this is Neal here making an effort keep in touch with each and everyone of my valued clients. With the New Year there comes changes and here it is no different as we have been hard at work to spruce things up and make your experience better.Here is what has been going on since the Holidays and before; I reverted the web ... Read More »

Dec 24th Holiday Greetings

This year has seen a lot of changes with NoBaloney Internet. The biggest one being the passing of Jeff (that left me with some very large shoes to fill).Then we all had to get acquainted with each other after I assumed control of the company, and continuing the process of automating the billing system plus doing a total makeover of the web site.In ... Read More »

Sep 24th Domain registration transitions

After burning a whole lot of midnight oil we have made considerable progress which I hope will make your future purchasing experiences much better. Additionally I hope it makes my job managing everything a whole lot easier too as I am not having to go all over the place to handle various issues.We have finally gotten things all worked out with our ... Read More »

Aug 25th Spam and email delivery issues

Just to let you all know I have brought in a "fresh set of eyes" to look at the mail servers to see what needs to be changed and/or improved upon as I know a few people have been having trouble with either getting bombarded with spam or legitimate emails not coming in or going out.With that being said, I can really use your help by keeping me ... Read More »

Aug 20th Brief service interruption

We did experience a brief interruption in network connectivity this evening due to an underground explosion in the downtown Los Angeles area. Support staff were on hand at the datacenter to address any and all issues that may have come up.You can read more about it here ... Read More »

Aug 16th Sorting things out

It has been quite the challenge sorting out all of the accounts and more importantly all of the clients! But slowly and surely we are getting it done.Generally speaking, when a business experiences a change in ownership the old owner and the new owner (who is taking over) may work together to smooth the transition and allow for the former owner to ... Read More »

Jul 30th What a long strange trip it has been.

Over four months have gone by since that fateful phone call that I received from Jeff, to tell me that he was in the hospital with a heart attack and that he was dying. He asked me if I would be willing to take over the business for him and take care of the clients. I readily agreedas this had been a topic that came up on more than one occasion ... Read More »