Aug 25th Spam and email delivery issues

Just to let you all know I have brought in a "fresh set of eyes" to look at the mail servers to see what needs to be changed and/or improved upon as I know a few people have been having trouble with either getting bombarded with spam or legitimate emails not coming in or going out.With that being said, I can really use your help by keeping me ... Read More »

Aug 20th Brief service interruption

We did experience a brief interruption in network connectivity this evening due to an underground explosion in the downtown Los Angeles area. Support staff were on hand at the datacenter to address any and all issues that may have come up.You can read more about it here ... Read More »

Aug 16th Sorting things out

It has been quite the challenge sorting out all of the accounts and more importantly all of the clients! But slowly and surely we are getting it done.Generally speaking, when a business experiences a change in ownership the old owner and the new owner (who is taking over) may work together to smooth the transition and allow for the former owner to ... Read More »