Should I pay the expiration notice from Domain Registry of America?

I see these all of the time and here is my answer.

NO! These "expiration notices" are actually solicitations that are trying to mislead you into transferring your domain name to them.

Domain Registry of America (DROA) has been cited by the FTC for misleading consumers and has an extremely poor Better Business Bureau rating.

If you receive a domain name "expiration notice" from DROA, it is not a renewal notice from us, and you should not pay it.

If you registered your domain with NoBaloney and your account is in good standing, we will notify you when you need renew your domain name each year. Do not pay anyone else to renew your domain name if you registered it with us.

Not only do I get emailed by this company I also get tons of snail mail from them as well and it all ends up in the same place, the circular file aka the trash basket.

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